​6. Social Gaiety Extended By Lambda Pi Alpha Sorority. TheChicago Defender (National edition) (1921-1967); May 9, 1942; ProQuest Historical Newspapers. The Chicago/ Defender p8. 

Our mission continues as in 1933, which is to raise the professional standards of nursing. We accomplish this by establishing scholarships for nursing students, encouraging registered nurses to continue their education, and through participation in community activites.

2. Second Boule Of Lambda Pi Alpha Plans Fund. The Chicago Defender (National edition) (1921-1967); Sept 4, 1937. ProQuest Historical Newspapers. The Chicago/Defender p14.

Beta Mu chapter was organized in 1934 at Provident Hospital on the south side of Chicago. The first Basileus was Myrtis Ragland. Miss Hulda Margaret Lyttle was present to initiate and install the membership and officers of the sorority.(4)

Myrtis Ragland - First Basileus of Beta Mu         Chapter - Lambda Pi Alpha Sorority

Lambda Pi Alpha Sorority was founded in 1930 by Hulda Margaret Lyttle in Nashville Tennessee at the Hubbard Hospital on the Meharry Medical College Campus(1) and was granted a charter by the State of Tennessee in 1933. The objective of the sorority was to stimulate scholarship and efficiency in practice among student nurses, and to help promote a desire for further study in nursing education among graduate nurses. (1) 

​4. Nurses Meet and Organize New Sorority. The Chicago Defender (National edition) (1921-1967); July 7, 1934. ProQuest Historical Newspapers. The Chicago/Defender p5. 

1. ​Nurse Gets Scholarship At Meharry. The Defender (National edition) (1921-1967); June 15, 1935.  ProQuest Historical Newspapers. The Chicago/Defender p4.                                   

Lambda Pi Alpha Sorority continues to grow through the admission of pledgees to the sorority and the initiation of our undergraduate chapter "Alph Beta" at Chicago State University. Our fundraising efforts include a fall and a spring fundraiser . We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

​7. Nurses Give Tea. TheChicago Defender (National edition) (1921-1967) May 9, 1942; ProQuest Historical newspapers. The Chicago /Defender p18. 

Some of the projects recorded in the Defender include: 

Decorating room 505 in Provident Hospital in 1957.(5)

Fundraising through formal dances, teas, cabaret parties (6)(7)

The Sorority also held plays and fashion shows. 

3. Graduate Nurses Hold Annual Session At Dillard University. The Chicago Defender (National edition) (1921-1967); Sep 7, 1935. ProQuest Historical Newspapers. The Chicago/Defender p6.

​The Defender also reported that in 1935 Lambda Pi Alpha Sorority had more than 300 members from 5 chapters consisting of undergraduate and graduate nurses. (1) Hulda Margaret Little was the Grand Basileus and presided over boules that were held in New Orleans in 1935 (2) and in Kansas City  Missouri in 1937. (3)

Seven chapters were eventually formed:

​Alpha Mu ................Nashville Tennessee  

Beta Mu...................Chicago Illinois                                                                                         

Gamma Mu...............Kansas City Missouri

Delta Mu..................New Orleans Louisiana

Epsilon Mu..............Atlanta Georgia

Zeta Mu...................Detroit Michigan

​Theta Mu.................Indianapolis Indiana (3)

There were also 3 undergraduate chapters:

Alpha.....................Hubbard Hospital, Nashville

​Beta.......................Provident Hospital, Chicago

​Gamma.................General Hospital #2, Kansas City (1)

At this time, Beta Mu is the only chapter that has remained active since its organization.

The sorority continues to be a resource to the community. Our service projects include:

Donations to homeless and domestic abuse shelters, donations to schools, blood pressure screenings, presentation of scholarships to deserving nursing students and prior participation in the Bud Billiken Parade.


The first chapter was the Alpha Mu chapter. This chapter was organized in 1932. The Defender newspaper reported that in June 1935, Alpha Mu chapter gave a scholarship of $50.00 to Miss Amarintha McGiness of Asheville N.C., who was the most outstanding member or the graduating class of the school of nursing and a member of the Alpha undergraduate chapter. (1)

5. Sorors Furnish Hospital Room. Daily Defender (Daily edition) (1956-1960); April 11, 1957; ProQuest Historical Newspapers. The Chicago /Defender p12.

We are in the process of uncovering more of our rich history. Some of the "past" activities include contributions to Greer House (shelter for homeless pregnant girls), The HBCU's, and Helping Hand Community Day Nursery.